Sunday, January 26, 2014

What We Expect

                In every culture we have social norms that we follow and believe, like when walking into a job interview we are expected to wear certain clothes that look professional and to act a certain way that is different than how we act around our friends. And when we break those social norms they become violations, this is the expectancy violations theory. When people do something to us that goes against what we see as being normal.
                I’ve experienced this as both the person experiencing the violation and having done a violation. When I was a senior in high school, I was a part of the Cranberry court. The Cranberry court is one of the things that my town does to spread the knowledge of the Cranberry Festival that we have every year, and what makes this so special is that when you become a member you are an ambassador to Bandon. As an ambassador we had to go to events in Coos County promoting the festival. While at one of these events, the Coos County Fair, we were walking around and talking to people and trying to sell buttons that we had. We ran into two members of the army that were working a booth and we started talking to them about the festival and who we were. While talking with them we had the expectation that they would be nice and willing to hear us out, but we were proven wrong when they started being rude to us and arguing about everything we talked about.
                However, we also ended up violating what they were expecting of us, the way we talked about the festival was very upbeat, and we were happy and excited, which to them sounded like we freshman in high school and not seniors. When we had told them that we were seniors, one guy had told us that we needed to prove how we talk and to try and sound more like we are going to start college and not high school. We replied back that we would try for the next, but what we couldn’t get out of our heads was that he had said that and he didn’t understand that how we were acting was who we are as people, but then again the way they acted towards us was not what we expected and had to understand that that’s just how they have to act when in uniform.
                This experience shows that we all have different expectations of people we meet and when they meet them it can be really insulting and we can be out off and that impression of that person or people can be kept in our heads and that’s how we are going to expect everyone like that to act. And it may surprise you when someone breaks the expectation and social norm you created.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

A liitle about me

            Hey everyone, here’s a little about myself. My name Teri Straley and I’m from a small town on the Oregon coast, Bandon, and I graduated high school in 2011. I am a lover of anything Harry Potter, shows that deal with the supernatural like Teen Wolf and Charmed, the Star Wars films, and really anything that’s anime and superheroes. With these things in mind I do try to make and see the things that the characters go through to somehow relate to use as a reference to others, and I, when the time calls for it. I was involved in many things, in elementary school I started dancing with a local studio, Marlo Dance Studio, and feel in love with it, I started out in tap, then ballet joined in followed by jazz, lyrical, and hip-hop. I love dancing and so in high school I joined the dance team for 3 years. Then during my third year of high school I joined the cheer leading team and through that we did a summer camp for little kids (Pre- K -8 grade), I was out in charge of preschool and kindergarteners. I had to pick some easy cheers to teach them, a dance and come up with a way to keep them entertained for hours on end. So, I got to use a huge roll of paper and we just rolled it out and let them color on it and even let them side across it in our socks. But this was not the first time I’ve taught little kids, I was an aid for two of the dance teachers at Marlo and I worked with in tap and ballet, then in my senior year I got the chance to teach a private lesson for a girl who wanted to learn more so she could move up in her class. Also in my senior year I joined our speech team and had a blast and I regret not joining the years before.
            Through these experiences made me want to go into education and teaching, so I really liked math in high school and decided to choose that as my major, mathematics with a secondary in education. Then come to find out that math isn’t as fun as it was in high school but I really enjoyed my communication class and started to look into what I could with that and saw that I could still be a teacher, so I switch last year during spring term. With a major in communication and speech I plan on going into education and speechology and teaching students with speaking disabilities. I have even been thinking about teaching students with special needs or those who have ADHD and dyslexia. I think the dyslexia and ADHD thing comes from the fact that I love mythology and anything that has to do with it, like the Percy Jackson series and seeing that just because someone has those disabilities doesn’t mean they aren’t special and they don’t deserve to be treated any different just because their brains think differently than others.
            So that is me and if you don’t like it, oh well. Just remember Life’s not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.