Saturday, February 1, 2014

Social Media and Texting Challenge

                We all know that when the internet was invented and we were able to access it anywhere from any device, we stopped talking to people on the phone and choose to text them instead. We also use social media like facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and tumblr, known as Computer Mediated Communication (CMC), to communicate with the world and others. Due to this we become dependent on those things that we can’t go a single day without logging on into one of these social media websites or texting someone about our day instead of choosing to call them and hear their voice.
            Another part of this concept is the theory discovered by Joseph Walker called the Social Information Processing (SIP). In this theory Walker explains that relationships can only grow if both parties participating exchange information about one another to then form impersonal impressions of who they person is they are talking to. By combining Sip with CMC, Walker explains that when we engage in CMC we are missing the non-verbal and verbal cues that we see in face-to-face communication that helps us to create a better understanding of who that person is. With CMC we are forced to create that person with just the words they use and how long it takes for them to reply to our messages and that can always make the person seem like they really don’t want to talk to you because they don’t reply right away or that they could be mad at when they say, “oh alright,” because you don’t what tone they are using.
            In order to better understand how much we depend on CMC and SIP, I have taking on a 48 hour challenge of not using any type of social media. However, through doing this challenge I only mange to make it for 12 hours and the reason why I cracked was because I received an important email from an advisor, and I didn’t have her number to call her, that I needed to reply right away to. It wasn’t very hard for me to not use CMC, I guess it was because I let anyone who I usually talk to what I was doing and although my roommate kept texting me from her room when I was in mine, I just went into her room to talk to her. I think what makes going through this challenge hard are those messages from people in our lives that we only have the use of CMC to communicate with them. Yet, really enjoyed trying out this challenge, I was able to get a lot of homework done that probably wouldn’t have gotten done otherwise.
            I suggest that everyone should try to do this 48 hour challenge of no social media or texting and for you to see how long you can last, then reflect on why you cracked.

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