Saturday, March 1, 2014

How we act towards others

According to Jesse Delia, cognitive complexity is the mental ability that people have that help us distinguish little changes in people’s personality and behavior differences among the people we meet, this is what forms that first impression of people we meet and can also help us in social situations in how react (A First Look at Communication Theory, pg.99). Cognitive complexity is relevant to communication because it effects how you act and talk to someone, such as when you meet someone and they give you that vibe that they are rude person by how you see them act towards another person then you’ll treat them in a rude way and not really talk to them as much as someone who is really friendly to you.  In social situations it can helps us react to someone who talks to you about self-harming themselves and you need to know what to say to them that doesn’t make them more upset. Cognitive complexity with communication competence in that it helps us when it comes to talking to someone, who you get the wrong impression from, in a social situation where it’s an event and who need to talk to everyone nicely and even though you don’t like this person you have to talk to them in a nice tone.
                Some other examples of cognitive complexity are like in the anime show Dragonball Z (DBZ, there’s a character named Vegeta and he is the character you is rivals with the main character Goku. Vegeta’s attitude is that he is very cold and he takes his status as a Prince to heart and doesn’t believe in helping those that are lower than him. However every once in a while he does help , but give you that attitude that he will always have, and that shows his cognitive complexity towards others in that they know deep down he does care even if he doesn’t show it often.
            Another example is how we act towards someone that to us seems nice but then we see their true colors, yet we will act nice to them even though we are really trying to get back at them. Such as in the movie Mean Girls, during this scene Regina, to Cady, seems like she’s talking to Aaron for her but is really taking him back and later on in the next scene we see that Cady and her friends are getting revenge on her by having Cady pretending to be nice to Regina.

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